Third-Party Tutorials – Arduino a Pokémon Go

Third-Party Tutorials – Arduino a Pokémon Go

If you are a Pokémon lover that project is for you! Infact this is a tutorial about Pokémon with Arduino. This project is about making a pokéball that works with Pokémon Go! Let’s see how it works!

Build your own pokéball to start catching in a more exciting way!!

I took this tutorial from Arduino Project Hub. If you want to realize it visit Arduino Project Hub.

How it Works

The Arduino Pokéball works by using the accelerometer to sense that it’s been thrown, then using the bluetooth on the board it sends the infos to the Arduino Pokéball app on the phone.

In that way, when you are playing Pokémon Go and you are going to catch a Pokémon, you can throw your Arduino Pokéball. You will see on your smartphone that the Pokéball is trhown on the Pokémon.

That’s a really awesome project that will surprise everyone.

Here is a video!! Enjoy!

Build a Real-Life Pokéball for Pokémon Go

Hope you liked this Tutorial for Arduino and Pokémon!

Davide Busco

Davide Busco is an engineering student at Federico II University of Naples. He uses his passion and studies to create his projects. He loves be a maker and spread his knowledge. Moreover he has gained the second place in a national makers-tournament between Italian's Universities.

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