Project – Nerf Shooter

Project – Nerf Shooter

This is a Nerf bullet Shooter. In this version you have to push the bullet inside the Shooter manually and then it will be shooted.

I’m very happy to share with you this Nerf Shooter Project!

It’s just a first step, but it seems to work fine!

In this first step I only found the right dimensions for the Nerf Shooter and motors, but I want to add 2 Servo motors to control it through the smartphone and aim to some objects.

How does the Nerf Shooter work?

The high speed spinning of the motors will shoot the Nerf Bullets! I had to choose the right distance between the two disks.

Maybe that I will improve it in the next versions.

What do you need for this project?

How to build it?

Then use the hairdryer to warm the disks on the side where there is the little hole. Then you can push the motor shaft inside.

Then put the motor inside the Shooter’s Hole and glue it.

Then if you want you can put a screw in the little hole on the Shooter. It could help to keep the disk on axis.

That’s all! Then you just have to wire the Motors’ GND to LiPo’s GND and Motors’ VCC to LiPo’s VCC.

Here is a short video!

Davide Busco

Davide Busco is an engineering student at Federico II University of Naples. He uses his passion and studies to create his projects. He loves be a maker and spread his knowledge. Moreover he has gained the second place in a national makers-tournament between Italian's Universities.

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