Learn – Blynk the IoT App

Learn – Blynk the IoT App

Do you want to make your IoT project? Stay with us and follow this Tutorial! We will explain you what is Blynk and how to make your first Iot project with it!


Blynk is an app that makes it very simple to make IoT projects using the most known boards. (Such as WeMos D1, WeMos D1 mini, NodeMCU and a lot more…)

Moreover it’s free, but you can pay to have more features, anyway the free plan is enough for simple projects.

You can download it for Android and Ios (if you click on your device’s os, it will open your store for the download).

With this app you will use your smartphone to control your Wi-Fi board.

Let’s talk more about it!

Create a free Account

  • First of all you have to download the App (link for Android and Ios).
  • Create an Account
Blynk: create an account
  • Then press on “New Project”
Blynk: Home
  • Now you have to choose a name, select your device and the connection type.
Blynk: New Project
  • Then press on Create, it will create your first Project and will send to your email a code called Token.
  • Then you have to choose your Widget.

There a lot of widgets, but as free plan we can use only 1400 points. Each widget has a cost. Of course you can pay to get more points.

Anyway they will be enough for simple projects!

Blynk Widgets
Blynk Widgets

How to Setup an Arduino Sketch

We have to setup the arduino code to be configured with our Blynk App.

First of all add the Blynk library. If you don’t know how to add a library to arduino IDE follow our guide.

Then go in file/exemples/BlynkBoards_WiFi/ESP8266_Standalone


This is the example:

Arduino sketch

So get the Token from your email (they will send it when you create a new Blynk project).

You have to put it where there is written “YourAuthToken

Change the name to “YourNetworkName” and write your password for your Network instead of “YourPassword“.

We will make some projects and we will write also some sketches, but not in this article!

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Davide Busco

Davide Busco is an engineering student at Federico II University of Naples. He uses his passion and studies to create his projects. He loves be a maker and spread his knowledge. Moreover he has gained the second place in a national makers-tournament between Italian's Universities.

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