Board – Arduino Uno

Board – Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno is the best option if you are a beginner and you want to learn electronics and coding.

This board is the most common used on the net, and it is used in a lot of tutorials.

You will find a lot of documentation about it, and now we will say something about this Board.

Overview on Arduino UNO

It is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P

It has:

  • 14 digital input/output pins (6 of this can be used as PWM outputs)
  • 6 analog inputs
  • USB connection used to power it or to upload your sketches
  • A power jack to power the Board when it is not connected the USB
  • builtin led on pin 13

This board works at 5V, and you can give 7-12V as input voltage to power it.

It’s dimensions are 68.6 mm X 53.4 mm and it’s weight is about 25g


Here you can download the circuit schematic for this board.

That’s the official pinout for the Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO pinout

you can find this infos and more on the official website here

More about it

Now that you know what is that board and how it works, maybe that you want to make some projects with it!

First of all you have to learn the basics, and we have a great tutorial for beginners! You can start it now for free! Just click here for the Course Page!

Then we also have a lot of tutorials and you can find all the tutorials in this page! You will learn a lot and you can choose what you want to learn!

Then, when you will be bored with simple tutorials, you will follow some tutorials for our projects! And you can find them all here!

I hope that it is going to born a maker in you and that you will like my contents! If you like, you can also follow me on instagram and enable the notification on the website to know when I publish something new!


Davide Busco

Davide Busco is an engineering student at Federico II University of Naples. He uses his passion and studies to create his projects. He loves be a maker and spread his knowledge. Moreover he has gained the second place in a national makers-tournament between Italian's Universities.

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