Arduino Course For Beginners

Hi! Welcome to the Arduino Course For Beginners! In this course we will learn the basics things about Arduino! You will learn all you need to make your first project and we will help you. Each lesson will end with an Homework, you will try to make it in your own,and then we will publish the solution when we will publish the next lesson!

Don’t worry, we will guide you in each step! You won’t be alone!

What do you need to follow this course and Where to buy?

You can find all the components needed for this course at this link. Choose one of them. If you don’t have anything, that’s the best solution for you. If you have something yet, you’d better buy each component that you don’t have.

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List of all the components

List of the lessons and details

You can read the datails about each lesson of this Arduino Course For Beginners so that you will know the content of the lesson before you will study it. The link to each lesson is inside the details!. In that way if you don’t remember which lesson you have to read, you can just search it reading the details! 

In this lesson you will install the Arduino IDE, learn the basics about the IDE.

You will learn how to use an LCD and we will make an Hello World. -> Link to the Lesson 1

How can you use your keyboard to comand your Arduino? Check it out in this lesson! Moreover we will explain how to use a Servo and a Joypad -> Link to the Lesson 2

In this lesson you will learn how to use LEDs, Buzzers and Buttons. -> Link to the Lesson 3

We will make a project using all the things that you already studied from the previous lessons! That’s like a checkpoint, you will check how much you learnt! -> Link to Lesson 4

In this lesson we will use DHT11 (a module that measures temperature and humidity) and an Ultrasonic Module (to measure distance). -> Link to Lesson 5

You will learn how to use IR transmitter and Receiver to control things!

What is an RGB? You will control it!

In this last lesson you will control a DC motor with a transistor!